Pinterest To Mp4 downloader – Get Videos & Stories In MP4 720p HD Quality.

When it comes to downloading videos from one of the most used social networking sites, you will get many hurdles. Like many other networks, Pinterest does not allow its users to download content from its database directly. It won’t allow the users to download images, GIFs, and videos on their computers. 

To provide you with an easy and reliable way to download videos in mp4 format, we have Pinterest to mp4 downloader. By reading the following sections, you will be able to know how to use this tool for video downloading from Pinterest. 

What is Pinterest to mp4?

It is a specific tool available on our platform with the help of which you can download videos from Pinterest in mp4. This tool helps you in downloading videos without harming the quality but in lesser size. 

Mp4 is a lightweight video format that can give you a clear display of the content but covers a little space on your device. Whenever you will try to download a video from Pinterest using our tool, it will automatically convert the video into mp4 format to reserve less space in your device. 

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How to use this tool to download videos from Pinterest?

The tool has a simple working method and can be used by anyone even if the user has no experience. You don’t need to worry about multiple steps or actions that you may have to take while using this tool.  It would be pretty simple to use this tool and get your desired videos from Pinterest on your device. This tool has been designed for both phone and computer devices. You only need to choose the concerned method from the following sections to use this tool.

Using mobile.

  • Go to Pinterest or open the Pinterest app on your mobile
  • Open your desired video
  • Copy the link by checking for the option
  • Browse our Pinterest to mp4 downloader
  • Insert the link in the given box
  • Tap on the download button
  • Wait a while to let the tool complete the work

If you are unable to copy the link from Pinterest in your mobile preview, tap on the three dots to change the resolution. Look for the Desktop view box and check in to that box. Now, you can easily use the website as you do on your computer or laptop. 

Using Desktop

To use Pinterest to mp4 on the computer, keep following these steps. 

  • Browse The Pinterest platform 
  • Search for the video that you want to be downloaded 
  • Right-click on that video to copy the link or copy it from the search bar of your browser 
  • Go to our Pinterest to mp4 tool 
  • Check for the link insertion box 
  • Paste the link 
  • Tap on the download button to get the video in mp4 format 

Features Of Pinterest To Mp4.

  • User-friendly interface 

Our Pinterest to mp4 has been designed with a user-friendly interface. It can be accessed by any person for downloading videos regarding limitations related to experience. You can easily understand the interface of this tool and use it even in a blind way after a few turns. 

  • No Registration/Login

This tool is completely free for everyone without any subscription fee. You don’t need to make an account on our platform like you have to do with multiple platforms. It means that you will work anonymously and no one will be able to know about your identification. 

Additionally, you will not be asked to subscribe to our newsletters for promotional emails. All in all, this tool offers you the comfortable space to download videos from Pinterest in mp4. 

  • One Tap Download 

Our Pinterest to mp4 has been designed with the concept of one-click working. It means that you only have to tap on your screen with the mouse once. It would be enough to dictate the tool to fetch data from Pinterest’s database and enable you to download it.  You don’t need to choose video format manually all the time. It will provide you with mp4 video format because of its built-in property. 

  • Quality Download 

As we have mentioned that mp4 is a lightweight video format but it provides quality resolution. Some downloaders will provide you with low-quality resolution or results. With this tool, you can get quality videos with high results on your device.  It will not change the quality or harm it during the downloading process. In short, you will be able to get a quality download from Pinterest on your device. 


Our tool is considered the best because of quality outcomes and video resolution protection. Also, we are offering this tool for free to everyone to download Pinterest videos as many times as a user can. 

This tool will automatically convert the format of the video to mp4 before downloading. As a result, you will get lightweight video on your device. 

No, this tool can only be used online by browsing our platform. We don’t support app format for downloading for now.