Pinterest story downloader

Pinterest has been one of the most rapidly growing platforms in the last few years. It is a platform like social media channels where you can share different types of visual data. You can upload videos or images from your Pinterest account to get engagement from the people.

There are multiple tools that people search for when it comes to brose this platform. One of the most useful tools among that list of tools is the Pinterest story downloader. The main feature of this tool is to download ideas from Pinterest and save it for offline access on your device.

In this section, we will show you what this tool is and its uses. We will also show you how to use our Pinterest story downloader to get your desired content on your device. Let us show you the features of this tool and its works for better understanding. 

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What is a Pinterest story downloader?

This tool help a user in downloading stories, boards, and pins from Pinterest. A prominent number of social media platforms are available on the internet. It is not possible to have the same features on all of those social media channels. 

Every platform has its unique privacy policy and restrictions that you should follow to keep using that platform. For instance, Pinterest does not offer any downloading button to get any data from that platform on your device. 

In simple words, you can only view or save any data online in your account. It is impossible to download your desired picture or video directly to your device from this platform. But you can do this with the help of a Pinterest story downloader.

This tool will enable you to download a story or idea from this platform. You only have to follow a few steps to accomplish this task. 

Benefits of using this Pinterest story downloader 

This downloader has multiple benefits that you can consider in this regard. To keep this section precise and easy to understand for everyone, we have only enlisted the benefits that are considered the most important and useful. 

One-click downloading 

First of all, this downloader will enable you to get your desired Pinterest post on your device with a single click. It means that you only have to click on a button to accomplish this task. This Pinterest story downloader has no complex interface or working method. 

A user only has to copy link of a specific story or pin from Pinterest to start the process. Once you have inserted that link, you only need to click on the Download Story button. In this way, you can accomplish this task and get your desired Pinterest story or idea available for offline access. 

High-quality video format 

It is considered to be the best feature of this tool which makes it better than others. This Pinterest story downloader will enable you to download videos without changing the format. It is common to get low-quality video formats when you are using ordinary downloaders. 

This tool has been designed with a specific algorithm that will neither harm the quality nor the interface. It will download the content in the same dimensions with quality results. Additionally, you can choose your desired video format before downloading from the available option. 

Support All Operating Systems 

To use this Pinterest story downloader, you should not need to have a specific operating system on your device. You can browse this tool and download a story with a simple click. In short, you can use this tool on Android and IOS both devices. 

This tool has been designed for every single user in the world. You should not need to be a specific user to browse this tool and download a story or video with its help of it. In simple words, it is a tool for everyone in this world without any discrimination.

How does this Pinterest story downloader work? 

As we have mentioned above, every social media platform has a specific privacy policy. You can’t bypass any of those policies unless you are an efficient worker in this field. This platform restricts its users from downloading content because of its privacy policy.

There is no downloading button available in its interface. The reason is that it cares about the privacy of its users and restricts their shared data theft. It considers this type of downloading and using its media as a violation of the copyright of the original creator. 

This is where you need to use this type of downloader with the help of which you can download specific data from this platform. But the question is how this tool works to fetch your desired video from the platform. 

Actually, this tool has a specific algorithm with the help of which it bypasses the system of Pinterest. Once you will insert the story link, this tool will extract that video directly from the database of this platform.  As a result, it will display the video that you can download with a single click. This is all the tool does at the backend to give you access to a specific video that is available on Pinterest.

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How to use this Pinterest story downloader?

Using this tool does not need to be a technical person in the field. You only have to follow these steps to accomplish this task. 

  • Go to Pinterest and search for that specific story 
  • Open that story to play it 
  • Right-click on that store or click on the Chrome search bar to copy the link 
  • Browse this Pinterest story downloader
  • Insert the link in the given text insertion box 
  • Click on the Download Story button 
  • Choose the video format from the dropdown menu 
  • Click on the Download button 
  • Boom! Your download has been started