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Pinterest is one of the biggest platforms to get new ideas related to picture designing for a specific task. It is one of those platforms from which you can explore the collection of thousands of images, GIFs, and videos in any category.

But the main issue is that you can download content from Pinterest to use it for your purpose after making some changes. So, we are here with the best Pinterest GIF downloader that can help you in this regard. By using this tool, you can download any GIF from this platform and use it for any purpose. 

What Is GIF?

GIF stands for graphics interchange format has been used widely to share short videos. It is a specific format in which you can send or receive short videos of a few seconds in quality results. 

This format is mainly used on Pinterest to engage people with content and instantly ask them to take action. It seems good to watch GIFs but it might not be possible to download them without aid from the Pinterest GIF downloader. Here are the ways through which you can get any GIF on your device. 

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How To Use This Pinterest GIF Downloader?

You can use this Pinterest GIF downloader on your handy device as well as your laptop without any issue. For doing this, you only need to access the desired content from this platform. You can save the GIFs in your Pinterest account or directly search them on the internet. 

Here are the steps that you should need to follow while using any of your desired devices for downloading GIFs. 

Download GIF Using A Mobile 

  • Open our Pinterest GIF downloader in any browser (Normally Chrome)
  • Check for the search box or link insertion box 
  • Paste the link of the Gif that you have copied from Pinterest 
  • Tap on the button 
  • Wait for a while to let the tool fetch the data 
  • Check the preview 
  • Tap on the download GIF button given on your device’s screen 

If you are facing issues in downloading GIFs using your mobile phone, you can follow the upcoming method to download on your desktop. You can also change the preview of your mobile browser to desktop view from settings to get an outlook like a computer on your mobile. 

Download GIF Using Desktop

  • Go to any of your concerned browsers
  • Browse our Pinterest GIF downloader 
  • Check for the link insertion box 
  • Tap there and paste the link 
  • Click on the given button to download after confirmation


While using this tool, you should have to keep some factors in your mind. First of all, your device must have a strong internet connection to download quality content from your link. Wait instead of tapping on links if shown on your screen while the downloading process is in progress. 

Why Use This Pinterest GIF Downloader?

Pinterest does not allow users to download any type of data from its platform with reliable means. It is because the platform has set some terms and conditions which they consider an act of copyright violation. 

But it is also important to have some GIFs on your device for the sake of sharing or any other task. This is where you will find out that the Pinterest GIF downloader is the best choice for you. No doubt, you may have seen many tools on the internet but it has great features with a simple interface. 

You only need to follow the above steps to download the GIFs on your mobile or laptop as per your choice. It would be pretty simple if you are following our above-mentioned steps carefully. Additionally, the process of downloading will not take much time but it will be completed in a few minutes. 

This tool will help you to get Pinterest GIFs on your device without harming quality as well as in a few minutes. You won’t have to face issues like slow processing or browsing. All in all, our Pinterest GIF downloader is better than almost all other downloading tools available online. 

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