Pinterest downloader for PC

If you have been connected with social media for a while and browse it regularly, Pinterest is the one that you must have used. It has been one of the most popular platforms in this regard for the past few years. Pinterest has more than 250 million active monthly visitors, from which you can get an idea of its popularity.

While using this platform, you might be having some issues downloading data. Most users look at how to download images and pins from this platform. But it is not possible without using a Pinterest downloader for PC. In this section, we are going to show you a comprehensive overview of this tool and its work. Let’s get started!

Pinterest downloader for PC 

It is a specific tool that has been designed with a specific algorithm. The main technique behind its operation is system bypassing to fetch your desired video or image from its database. Normally, it is not possible to find a button to perform this task directly from the website.

This tool will let you download a video or image from Pinterest with a single click. When you insert a link in this tool, it will explore the database of the platform to find that content. In a few minutes, it will display a preview of that video to make sure that you have found the right one.

By checking the preview for surety, you only need to click on the Download button. In this way, this tool will enable you to access data on Pinterest and download it to your computer for online viewing. 

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How this Pinterest downloader for PC is beneficial?

No doubt, you can see hundreds of tools for this simple task with a simple search on Google. It is common to think why this tool is above all others. So, we are going to discuss how this Pinterest downloader for PC is beneficial. 

Support All Systems 

The main problem that you may have to face while using a web-based tool is operating system support. It is common to find tools that support only one operating system, Windows or iOS.

So, you can’t use a tool supporting another operating system than your PC. This specific tool will enable you to resolve such problems and use it with any device. This is because this Pinterest downloader for PC supports both operating systems. 

It means that you can use this tool online using your Windows-based computer or Mac. This tool has a simple interface and the same interface on both operating systems. Therefore, it does not make any difference which device you are using to use this tool. 

Secure Platform 

It is a common misconception to have about web-based downloading tools. Many visitors think that such tools are not secure because they bypass the actual algorithm. No doubt, sometimes it happens to face such conditions.

This Pinterest download for PC has been designed without any flaws. You should not need to worry about privacy problems like threats to your data. Neither your content nor your account is compromised because this tool will work without any verification.

So, you should not need to worry about the security of your account while using this downloader. You can use it fearlessly without having any problems in this discipline.

No Registration/Login

Unlike other video downloaders for Pinterest, you should not need to register with this platform. This tool has been designed free for everyone without verification, even for a single minute. Even you should not be asked to register as a free user or create a free account.

In simple words, you should have to browse this tool and follow its interface to download any video from Pinterest. It will also enable you to download images from this platform. It is right to say that you can use this tool without any verification or account creation process.

Doesn’t Change Format 

This Pinterest downloader for PC has a specific interface and working method. It will neither change the quality of the video nor change its dimensions. In simple words, you can say that it will keep the picture or video quality protected.

So, you will get the same preview of the video even offline after downloading. In this way, you can save any type of data from Pinterest, like the original, on your computer’s hard disk.

Why do you need a Pinterest video downloader for PC?

Many users have this question because they think that they will be able to save images from Pinterest as they do from other social media channels. Keep in mind that Pinterest is more secure than other platforms when it comes to protecting the copyright of its users.

It does not allow its users to download videos or images. The reason is that this platform views this activity as a violation of the rights of the original creator. Therefore, you should not get any buttons for downloading on this platform.

The only choice that you have is to use this Pinterest downloader for PC. This web-based tool will enable you to download any video or image from this platform without any issues. You won’t need to download this tool on your device, but you can use it for free online.

In simple words, it will save your computer’s space and let you download as many videos as you want from this video. To do this, you only need to follow the upcoming steps.

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How do I use this Pinterest downloader for PC?

  • Go to the Pinterest application or website
  • Search for your desired video or image 
  • Click to open that specific data type 
  • Just tap on the Chrome search bar 
  • Copy that link by using Ctrl + C keys 
  • Now, browse this Pinterest downloader for PC 
  • Click on the Download button 
  • Check the Preview for confirmation 
  • Confirm downloading by clicking on the Download button again 


Yes, you can download the Pinterest app from the Microsoft App Store. 

To download videos from Pinterest, you should use our Pinterest downloader for PC and follow the above steps.

It is not possible to save content from Pinterest on your computer, but you can save it in your account only. To get access to that content offline, you should have to download it using the above method.

It is the privacy of Pinterest that restricts its users from downloading images or videos on their computers.

To download a pin from Pinterest, you should try a Pinterest video downloader or Pinterest image downloader. It will enable you to download your desired content from this platform.