How to use Pinterest?

If you have been a part of social media for a while, you must have familiarity with Pinterest. It is because of its popularity and instant usage with other social media applications. 

According to stats, Pinterest was ranked in the 14th position with 458 million active monthly users. Does not matter how much experience you have with other social media platforms, you should learn how to use Pinterest for better reach to your account. 

This guide will help you in understanding how to use this platform and what are the tips to be successful in this field. Let’s get started and get a deep dive into this informational guide. 

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How to use Pinterest?

Using Pinterest is not as hard as it seems to be because of its simple interface and easy-to-understand navigation. The only thing that you have to do is to use this platform regularly to check what a specific option can do for you. 

Actually, it has become one of the biggest platforms to advertise a product, website, or brand in the world. It has been seen that this platform has a higher ROI as compared to all other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

The main feature of its popularity is the visual data display in quality results. Unlike other social networking sites, it will not lower the quality of the image or video that you have uploaded. It means that you can use high-quality visual data to engage your customers or viewers. 

As a result, you will get the expected outcomes and get higher profit from your business. This platform has a posting option with the name Pins. You can upload a picture on this platform simply as you have been doing on any other platform. 

But it is used as an advertising platform mainly around the globe. So, you have to set the title, description, and hashtags for all your pins. Moreover, it also has another section that is called Boards. 

Every pin is belonged to a specific board just according to the niche or field. In simple words, if you want to promote headphones and laptops, you have to set different boards for them. Similarly, the boards will include only pins from headphones and laptop dimensions. 

You can also use this platform for personal purposes if you want to get to know about a specific product. It has been seen that Pinterest has become the biggest platform to get inspired by brands and products.  So, if you are getting a hard time in the selection of any product, you can explore this platform. You will surely get to know about new brands and innovative products. In this way, it would be simple for you to explore this platform and get inspired. 

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How to be successful on Pinterest?

With the above guidelines, you must have got an idea about how to use Pinterest. But it is still hard to use this platform to be a successful person on the platform. So, we have enlisted some tips by using which you can be a successful user of Pinterest. 

Update Pins Regularly 

Whether you want to be a successful user on Pinterest or any other platform, consistency is the main key. Without being active on Pinterest, you can’t imagine engaging the audience and getting your expected aim. 

You should have to update pins from your field or niche regularly from your account. It would be better to make a plan or strategy and keep following it for better engagement with your account. 

When you are uploading pins and creating boards regularly, you will be able to tell the platform’s crawler that you are active. As a result, it will automatically push your pins to rank higher will increase the engagement rate. 

Use Re-pins Feature

It is one of those features that many users don’t understand properly. Many users think that Re-pin means to share someone’s pins and the entire benefits will be in credit of that profile. No doubt, re-pins will leave a good impact on the original pin. 

By using this feature, you will also keep your account active and get reach from users. When you have re-pin someone’s pin and use some specific hashtags, it will automatically push your rank higher. 

It might be possible that you are ranked just below the original pin and getting higher visitors. All in all, it would be fruitful to re-pin other content if you are unable to think and design something for your account. 

Adopt Hot-Selling Hashtags 

If you want to get your pins ranked in the top position of the searches, you should not focus on visible results only. You should have to keep an eye on other sections like title creation, description writing, and hashtag adding. 

All these sections writing depend on hashtags that you will extract for your specific pins. It won’t be beneficial for you to add pins without researching and checking what people are looking for. 

You must have to perform deep research and look for those hashtags that have a higher search volume. It means that people are searching for those keywords on Pinterest and it would be profitable for you to work on them. 

Moreover, you should need to search for a set of keywords and add them in hashtags, descriptions, and titles too. You must need to write the title with SEO optimization. It would help you in gaining a higher position in the search results of Pinterest. 

Explore Your Niche Boards

Whether you are looking for pins to re-pin or want to get inspired for new pins, you should have to check your competitors. 

By checking your niche-related boards or profiles, you will come to know how to work on Pinterest. It will also open new doors for you to get ideas about new concepts or products in your field. 

So, you will also be able to keep your account updated with the latest and innovative pins. In short, it would help you in exploring the market and set your next move for profitable results.

Keep Mobile Users In Mind

When we are working with our laptops, we only look at whether our pins are perfectly designed for that screen or not. If you are doing this, you are on the wrong side because it will not increase engagement with your profile. 

The main reason is many people browse this platform using the mobile application. So, if you have not kept the mobile resolutions in your mind, your pins will not be visible properly to your visitors. In this way, you will not get higher engagement with your content even if designed properly and uploaded perfectly. 

Keep Track

Uploading pins and keeping the account updated is not enough for long-term success. But it is compulsory to keep checking the performance of your account. It is only possible by keeping track of your audience. 

You should check and analyze the performance in different aspects. For instance, you should keep checking what is the device proportion on your account reach. It would help you in designing the pictures with perfect resolution. 

Also, you should need to check the gender proportion from the stats. By doing this, you will be able to know whether your campaign is working properly or not.

Final Say 

With the above tips and discussion, you must have got an idea about how to use Pinterest. You should keep these tips in your mind if you are working as a business caretaker or marketer. As a result, you will be able to get more than expected results and generate higher profit from your skills.-

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