How To Use Pinterest For Beginners?

If you have been connected to the internet for any purpose like marketing, researching, or any other, you must be looking for some beneficial platforms. Pinterest is one of those platforms that you should explore to get an idea about new or traditional concepts.

It has become the biggest platform in the world with 400 million active users every month. You should get started with this platform to explore a new world of inspirational pictures and videos. But before that, you should learn how to use Pinterest as a beginner’s guide.

We have written this guide just to tell you how to get started with Pinterest. By reading this blog, you can easily explore this platform from scratch. It is because we will show you all the steps that you should take while stepping into Pinterest.

How Pinterest is different from other platforms?

This is the question that you must be looking to know before creating your account on Pinterest. First of all, Pinterest provides visual data related to any topic in the form of pictures or short videos.

Unlike YouTube, you should not need to browse videos for minutes and watch them get an idea. Pinterest allows you to get familiar with a topic or concept by having a look at images, short videos, and GIFs.

It is the main difference between this platform and others working on the internet. Secondly, it has become popular rapidly in a few years and grabbed the attention of users from all over the world. For marketers, it is the only platform with a higher ROI of more than 70% with little investment.

According to stats, 85% of Pinterest users purchase a product just after watching a pin from a brand. Now, you can estimate how much beneficial this platform would be for your marketing campaign.

Moreover, Pinterest does not restrict users to upload only low-quality images or videos. But you can upload a pin with its recommended size in any format. Keep in mind that the size and resolution must be compatible with the Platform’s requirements. Due to all such reasons, Pinterest is getting more popular day by day over other picture or video streaming platforms.

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For what purpose we can use Pinterest?

You can use Pinterest for any purpose your desire. For instance, you can use it for marketing a company or product if you are from this field. Similarly, you can get new ideas for your business and check what is a hot-selling product or business by exploring Pinterest smartly.

For that, you have to learn properly how to use Pinterest for beginners and keep all the steps in your mind. No doubt, it can extract better outcomes for you in terms of success or profit. But you should keep some points in your mind that would help you in creating an account on Pinterest and using it in the future.

How to use Pinterest for beginners?

The journey of Pinterest for any user starts from joining the platform and continues till exploring the platform using various steps. Here we have enlisted those steps one by one.

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  • Account Creating

First of all, you should create your account on Pinterest using your email. You should sign up for this platform using the original mail instead of inserting the random one. It is because you will be asked to confirm your email before exploring this platform deeply.

The best feature of Pinterest is that it enables you to create a business account just along with a personal one. It means that you can use both accounts side by side for your desired task.

While creating an account, you should focus on a few points to follow. For instance, you should choose the profile name, picture, and username carefully. These are the sections that would help you in the engaging audience with your shared data.

  • Follow Boards

Once you have created your Pinterest account and verified your identity, it is time to join some other profiles. On Pinterest, you can share pins from your profile but you have to save every pin under a specific board.

Every new user who will come to your shared data can save those pins or follow your board. While starting, you should follow the same process and follow a few boards. For this, you should have to define the purpose of joining this platform.

Now, you should search for your field-related term that we can say a keyword. It will open all those pins and boards that have been shared in your niche. In this way, you can follow those boards or save the pins to explore them later. By doing this, you will be able to get innovative ideas shared by those board owners. So, you can easily explore this platform and get new ideas.

  • Make Suitable Settings

To get better exposure from the audience, you should have to make suitable changes in the settings of your account. You should have to update the name and profile picture carefully. It would help the people explore what you may be sharing in the future.

Also, the name and picture are those sections that can engage the audience with your profile. Moreover, you should write the description of your account properly. In that section, you must have to show what you can do and what is the purpose of creating your account. Last but not least, you should also have to add your website or online business to redirect the audience on your platform. It will be a fruitful act because people will check your website or store and it will manage a prominent profit for you.


With our guide, you must have learned how to use Pinterest for beginners step by step. It is time to get your chair and create your account with this platform. You will surely enjoy the best results by following our mentioned tips and exploring the world.

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