How to stop emails from Pinterest?

Using different social media channels and platforms is the urge of every person. We are living in a modern world where every person wants to get ideas from the internet. If you are also an internet geek, you must have heard about Pinterest and using it for a while. 

But getting consistent emails from Pinterest is annoying. The reason is not every person wants to get and read those emails because of a busy schedule. It has been seen that many users want to get rid of emails they are getting from platforms like Pinterest. So, we have written this guide about how to stop emails from Pinterest. 

Here, we will guide you on how to do this using different devices. You only have to read the methods and choose the right one just according to your desired device. Let’s start and explore the following methods to do this.

Why does Pinterest send emails?

Before approaching the ways to stop emails from Pinterest, you should have to know why it keeps sending emails. There are various conditions under which it will send you emails. The most common methods include the promotion of newsletters and social emails regarding related boards and pins.

  There might be other reasons too that you will be getting emails from Pinterest. It does not matter what is the intention of the emails but you may be getting annoyed. To get comfortable while browsing this platform, you should have to stop emails from Pinterest.

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How to stop emails from Pinterest?

Pinterest is available for both mobile and desktop users. You can change almost all settings of this platform from both devices. So, we have enlisted both methods by following which you will be able to get rid of emails from Pinterest. 

To learn how to stop emails from Pinterest, you should have to follow the upcoming steps.

Via Mobile Application

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account on the mobile application 
  • Check for the “Saved” option 
  • Open Settings for the same page 
  • Tap on the Notifications button there 
  • Choose “By Email” from the options shown there 
  • Select the “Turn off all” option and toggle on the button 

By doing this, you will be able to stop all emails from this platform and keep using it without any annoying activity. 

Via Browser 

  • Go to any of your desired browsers
  • Browse and sign in to your account 
  • Tap on the arrow given in the top right corner of the screen 
  • Search for Settings and open it 
  • Scroll down to check the “Notifications” option 
  • Click on the Edit button given just beside the “By Email” option 
  • Look for “Turn off all” and tap on it 
  • Save the Settings to stop emails from Pinterest 

It would be a simple process if you have used the Settings tab of Pinterest for a while. But you can follow the above steps too to accomplish this task smoothly without any unexpected conditions. 

Via Email Service Provider 

Almost every service provider gives you access to choose from where you want to get emails. You can also stop emails from Pinterest by using some steps from your email. 

  • Go to your mailbox 
  • Look for an email from Pinterest 
  • Open the email and scroll down 
  • Check for the “Unsubscribe” word
  • Click on that word 
  • It will open a new page for confirmation 
  • Tap on the Confirm button to complete the process

Keep in mind it will let you stop emails of a specific type. It means if you have followed this process by using email from the social category, it will only stop emails from that category. To turn off all emails, you should have to repeat the process for those emails. 

Can I customize email settings to get particular emails from Pinterest?

If you want to get an email for a specific task like promotions from Pinterest, you should have to customize the settings. There will be hard steps to follow but you can do this within a few minutes. 

You only have to go to the settings of your account and choose the notification by email settings. After that, you only have to tap on the Edit button to open settings for a specific email category. Once you have opened the settings, you can easily choose the emails by category from that page. 

Final Say 

Whether you want to stop emails from Pinterest from a single category or multiple ones, you only have to follow the above methods. By doing this, you will be able to keep your mailbox organized and clean from unnecessary emails.