How to Share Facebook Videos on Pinterest?

Social media has become a handy tool to advertise a business or product to get a higher return. It has become a survival for all types of businesses in the world even with small investments. One of the most used platforms for advertisement in this aspect is Pinterest.

It has become engaging because of its quality graphics and perfect preview features. Many users want to get traffic on their other accounts like Facebook from Pinterest. In such a case, the best way is to share your Facebook videos on this platform to get reach. Here we will show you how to share Facebook videos on Pinterest. 

There are mainly two methods that you can adopt in this regard. We will discuss both of those methods to make them understood. Just read about them and choose the best one at your ease. 

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How to share Facebook videos on Pinterest?

You must follow some steps to share your Facebook videos on Pinterest. In both methods, the steps will be familiar but you have to adopt a few different steps too. Let us show you how it will happen in a step-by-step manner. 

Direct URL Sharing 

It is a specific method in which you will be able to share Facebook videos to Pinterest just using the URL of the video. For this task, you have to upload the video to your Facebook profile first. You can do this simply by browsing your profile’s homepage and clicking on the Photo icon given just below your profile details.

It will open the “New Post” uploading page. Here you have to add the video with the description and upload it. It will take a few minutes to get the task completed without changing the quality. When you have uploaded the video on your Facebook profile, you have to follow these steps. 

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Go to your profile and look for that video
  • Click on the three dots given beside your profile name
  • Copy the link to that video
  • Now, open the Pinterest application or website
  • Choose the Create Pin option
  • Set the Pin’s description and title
  • Paste the link to the video that you copied earlier
  • Wait until Pinterest fetches your video from Facebook
  • Look at the Preview to confirm the accuracy
  • Click on the Save button to send the pin life

With these steps, you can easily upload any Facebook video on Pinterest. You can make the process fast by adding your Facebook and Pinterest accounts on the same computer. Also, you can copy the link to that video by opening it on your computer and clicking on the search bar. It will highlight the complete link that you can copy and paste. 

Pinterest Save Button

Doesn’t matter whether you have just started with Pinterest or have been using it for a few months. It might be possible that you are unfamiliar with the Pinterest Save Button feature. It is a specific feature of the platform that will enable you to save any image or video to your Pinterest account from any webpage. 

The Pinterest save button feature has helped a lot of people who are struggling with sharing videos or images from Facebook to Pinterest. To use this feature and share your videos, you must have to upload the video from your Facebook account.

It would be simple for you to share that video on Pinterest after this. Just read the following steps to accomplish this task. 

  • Download the save button from Pinterest 
  • Browse the Facebook profile
  • Search for that video
  • Open it in a new tab by using the right-click of your mouse 
  • Look at the left bar to find the Pinterest button
  • Click on that button
  • It will open your Pinterest account homepage
  • Choose the board on which you want to add that video
  • Write title and description for that pin
  • Click on the Save Pin button to get it published

What are the benefits of sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest?

As we have mentioned above that Pinterest is the top-rated platform to engage the audience. By sharing your Facebook videos on this platform, you can get benefits in different dimensions. 

Firstly, it allows you to increase your reach on both of your accounts. Pinterest will engage the audience by regularly updating content. While it will redirect the audience to your Facebook account if pins have been saved carefully. 

Secondly, you can upload one video on both of them with a few taps as mentioned above. You should not need to hire a designer to get different videos for both platforms. Moreover, it will indicate that you are the original owner of the content as you are sharing it on different social media channels. 

All in all, you will be able to get many benefits by sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest.


No, it will not lower the quality of videos when you are sharing on Pinterest. But it may damage the resolution if you have not designed it carefully by keeping the requirements in your mind. 

Yes, you can share Instagram photos and videos to Pinterest by following a specific method. 

No, there is no need for this. You can sign up for both platforms using different credentials like email, password, and username. 

Final Wrapping 

In the above guide, we have shared both of those methods that you can adopt while looking to share your Facebook videos on Pinterest. You only need to follow the above steps to accomplish this task precisely without making mistakes. 

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