How to reset your Pinterest feed?

Pinterest is getting higher on the list of platforms browsed by people around the globe. The reason is it has become a search engine to get ideas in the form of pictures and videos. Every time, you will browse this platform on your desktop or mobile, you will see some recommended boards and pins. 

Sometimes, it might not be related to your concerns or niches. To deal with this situation, you might be searching for how to reset your Pinterest feed. We are here with a guide on this problem’s solution. But you should have to know the background of how this platform recommends boards. 

It will help you in choosing the next steps to get your desired boards in the feed. Pinterest analyzes some factors including your activity on the platform to recommend your pins. It will keep checking what you are searching for there and which boards you are following. 

By combining the results, it will find the boards related to your activity and display them on the feed of your account. Now, you are aware of how Pinterest fills your profile feed. So, we are taking you toward the method to learn how to reset your Pinterest feed. 

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How to reset your Pinterest feed?

Unfortunately, there is no reset option like many other platforms have to clean the profile. But you can adopt some steps and techniques to get your account back in almost fresh condition. We are going to show you six steps that you can follow to accomplish this task. 

  • Check For “Tune Your Home Feed”

First of all, you should have to go to the “Tune your home feed” section. It will open four further options that you should have to complete one by one. But you should first have to learn how to find this option to open other ones. 

  • Go to your Pinterest profile 
  • Just beside your profile picture, tap on the drop-down arrow 
  • Look for “Tune your home feed”
  • Click on that option to open the next sections

After completing the above steps, you will be shown a new page. Here you will be shown four options that we are going to show you here. 

  • Turn Off History 

Under the history tab, you will be shown all those images that you have seen or passed by while browsing. Pinterest is using those pins or activities to recommend your board and pins. So, you have to turn off the history for your Pinterest account. 

To do this, you only have to look just above the pins shown on your screen. Click on the “Turn off all” button given there. By doing this, you can turn off history and keep yourself safe from the next unwanted pins or boards. 

  • Board Recommendation Disabling

Just beside the History tab, you will get the option named Boards. You have to tap on that option to move to the next steps. You should read and implement the following steps to disable the recommendation feature.

  • Click on the Boards option 
  • Check for boards shown on the screen 
  • Toggle off the buttons given beside every board name 

By doing this, you will be able to stop recommendations from those boards or related ones. 

  • Remove Topics

When you will create your profile on Pinterest, it will ask you to choose some topics. At that time, you may have chosen those topics randomly and now Pinterest is recommending pins from those niches. 

To remove those topics, you have to click on the “Topics” option given next to Boards. It will open a tab with all the topics that you have added. Below every topic, you will get a button with the word “Remove”. It will remove all the topics that you have selected before.

  • Unfollow People

As we have mentioned that Pinterest uses followed boards or profiles to recommend pins on your account’s feed. So, you should have to unfollow all those profiles that you have followed accidentally or for a specific purpose. 

Check for the “Profile” option given in the same bar. By choosing that section, you will be able to see all the profiles that you have followed. You only have to unfollow those profiles one by one by clicking on the button given below every profile. 

  • Clear Browser Cookies

By following the above steps, you must have got your account in a clean condition. Your Pinterest account will be clear from recommended boards and fluff older pins. Now, it is time to perform the last step and your account will be reset. 

You have to clear browsing cookies from the browser’s settings. You should have to go to your browser’s settings and search for cookies settings. Here you will get an option with a clear cookie box with a button. 

You only have to clear cookies that Pinterest has saved before. It will remove any saved data in the form of cookies that might be the reason behind recommended boards. In short, your account will be reset by following these steps.

Final Say

With the above guide, you must have learned how to reset the Pinterest feed. It is time to get started and look at pins like you have done while creating this account in the past. 

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