How to rearrange Pinterest boards?

Pinterest is one of the best platforms available online to get new ideas for visual data. It is the platform where you can share pictures, and videos (only available for specific regions), and save pictures in the form of a board. But sometimes, it may be irritating to browse this platform if you have saved some unwanted or seasonal boards. 

This blog has been written to guide you on how to rearrange Pinterest boards within a few clicks. We will show you the best steps to complete this task without wasting much time. Let us show you how to do this and why do you need to do this.

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Why do you need to rearrange Pinterest boards?

The very first question that you should know about is why you need to rearrange boards on Pinterest. As we have mentioned that a person can save the pins or boards with a single tap on this platform. It might be possible that you have saved some boards with seasonal intentions. 

In simple words, you may have saved the board or pins from a product with intentions of winter or summer. So, it may be extra stuff for you if you are using Pinterest in another season. Similarly, if you have saved the board with baby products for your little gift, you may not need them after a few months. 

All in all, such boards or pins will create a mess in your Pinterest profile. In all such cases, you need to learn how to rearrange Pinterest boards quickly to keep the newsfeed clear from the mess. 

How to rearrange Pinterest boards?

When it comes to rearranging boards or pins on your Pinterest home screen, you might be thinking that the process is complex. Keep in mind that Pinterest has been designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. 

For your ease, we have enlisted the steps that you should follow to rearrange the boards on Pinterest and keep your concerned board on the top.

Actually, Pinterest allows you to keep the five best boards that you like on top of other boards. Just follow these steps to rearrange your Pinterest boards and keep the profile page organized.

  • Go to your Pinterest profile page 
  • Search for your concerned board by scrolling down
  • Click and hold the board that you want to keep on the top
  • Drag that board on the top of the very first board that has been set by default
  • Confirm the activity of rearranging boards by clicking on the “Yes” button shown on your screen 
  • You can repeat the process to rearrange 4 more boards and keep them in the top position

You should drag & drop the board in the white space shown just above the boards. If you have dropped it over any other board, it will merge them. In this way, it would be difficult for you to get them separated and rearrange them again. 

Can you merge Pinterest boards?

If you have been using Pinterest regularly and saving the boards, you must have this question in your mind. It is because you may want to keep your Pinterest profile page organized and keep the boards in a better outlook. 

So, you can merge Pinterest boards easily with a simple drag & drop key. You only have to drag the board and drop it over another board. It will merge both of those boards simply. In this way, all the pins of those boards will be shown on a single board.

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Is there any way to hide Pinterest boards? 

When you have multiple seasonal boards in your Pinterest profile, you might be looking to hide those boards for a short time. It happens when people want to organize their boards and keep the profile page in a well-organized form. 

Unfortunately, Pinterest does not allow to hide a board or pin directly. But you can use the “Archive” feature of this platform to keep the profile organized. It is a specific way to remove boards from the main page without deleting them. 

As a result, you will be able to approach those boards whenever you want. You can say that it will act like a hiding board option.

Final Conclusion 

With the help of the above guide, you must have learned how to rearrange Pinterest boards. We have discussed alternative methods to organize your Pinterest profile step by step. You only have to follow these guidelines and keep the profile page in a well-organized format. 

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