How to download Pinterest Videos?

If you are looking for new ideas and concepts in your niche, Pinterest might be the best platform to do this. Pinterest has become one of the most used platforms around the globe for exploring ideas in picture or video formats. You must be thinking about how to download Pinterest videos for later use. 

If you want to explore this method and want to know about it, this blog is written for you. We are going to guide you on how to download videos from Pinterest in a step-by-step method. You will also learn an alternative method to use instead of downloading a video from this platform. 

So, let us show you how to download Pinterest videos and how these are helpful for you. 

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What does it mean by Pinterest Videos?

First, you should need to learn about Pinterest videos to explore this section deeply. Many new users might be taking these videos similar to YouTube or videos from other streaming platforms. Pinterest videos are different from those videos that you can watch on YouTube or any other platform. 

It is a new feature offered by Pinterest in addition to Image Pins. You can now add video pins from your account related to your niche to engage the audience. It has been seen that Pinterest video pins are getting more appearance in searches by the public as compared to image pins. 

Unfortunately, this service is not available to the entire world for now. You have to check if it is available in your region or not before uploading such videos from your account. Also, Pinterest does not allow its users to download Pinterest Videos due to privacy policy for users.  In this way, you may not be able to download any video from Pinterest for later use. If you want to download Pinterest videos, here we are going to show you the process step by step.

How to download Pinterest Videos?

There are mainly two methods to download Pinterest videos. These methods depend on the operating system or device you are using. Here we have summarized processes for both of those devices to make them understandable for every user. 

On Desktop

If you are using a desktop device to browse Pinterest and looking to download videos on that device, just follow the upcoming steps.

  • Go to
  • Search for your desired video that you want to download 
  • Open that video and copy its link from the search bar 
  • Browse Pinterest Video Downloader in a new tab
  • Paste the link of that video in the given link insertion box
  • Tap on the Download button
  • Choose the quality of the video which you want to download
  • Wait for a while and it will be downloaded to your desktop device

On Mobile

We all know that the mobile phone has become one of the most used devices in the world. Due to its excessive use, we mostly want to get our data on this device. 

If you are also looking to download Pinterest videos on your mobile phone, you should follow these instructions. 

  • Open the Pinterest application 
  • Look for that video you want to download
  • Open that pin and copy its link 
  • Go to browser and open Pinterest video downloader
  • Look for the link insertion box and paste it
  • Click on the Download button
  • Choose the quality of the video and where you want to save it 
  • It will be downloaded to your device within a few minutes

Can I download Pinterest Videos directly without a downloader?

Actually, there is no way to download Pinterest videos without a downloader. It may whether an extension added to your browser or a tool. But you need to use a tool to download a video from Pinterest. 

Pinterest takes extra privacy precautions to save the data shared on this platform. But if you are unable to use a downloader at any time and want to keep that video too, you can use the Save video or image option. 

Yes, Pinterest allows you to save a specific pin in your account. Just like Instagram, you can save that video or image pin in your Pinterest account. To access that data, you only have to go to your profile and look for saved pins. 

Moreover, you can then copy the link to that video whenever you want and use a video downloader. In this way, you will be able to keep videos in a wallet of your Pinterest account and download it for offline viewing. 

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Yes, the Pinterest video downloader has been designed for free for everyone. It will not ask you to subscribe to any paid plan even if you are using it for multiple times. 

Downloading a Pinterest video means keeping it on your device. You can open that video and play it whenever you want. But saving a Pinterest video means saving it in your Pinterest account. To access that video, you should connect with internet and browse Pinterest online. 

No, a Pinterest video downloader does not need an account to download videos. Just follow the above method to get your desired Pinterest video on your device within a few minutes. 

Final Wrapped

In the above guide, we have properly discussed the method to download Pinterest videos. Now, you don’t need to search for how to download Pinterest videos as we have mentioned step by step. Just browse the Pinterest video downloader and follow our instructions to get your desired video on your device. 

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