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If you are looking for the best platform to get inspiration online, Pinterest can’t be ignored. It has become one of the most used platforms around the world to get to know about different products. On this platform, you can get content in the form of pictures and videos. But unfortunately, it is impossible to download Pinterest videos directly from the platform.

Therefore, it is necessary to pick the best Pinterest video downloader for this task. If you have problems finding such a tool, this is where your research is going to end. In the following lines, we will show you one of the best tools that you can use in this regard. Let us show you this specific tool and tell you how it would be better than others.

Which one is the best Pinterest video downloader?

Several tools are available on the internet using which you will be able to download Pinterest Videos on your device. But not all of those are best because of various issues like advertisement display, slow processing, and low-quality results.

Pintdow downloader is one of the best tools available on the internet. It is a specific online tool that you can use with a few taps on your screen. The tool has a simple interface and specific algorithm to work accordingly and fetch videos for you.

It will bypass the Pinterest algorithm and search database to fetch your desired video. You only have to insert a link to that specific video in its link insertion box.

All in all, you will find this tool perfect to download Pinterest videos from the internet. You should not get the technical knowledge to use this tool and get videos from this platform.

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Why do you need a Pinterest Video Downloader?

The main question that comes to mind while reading about the best Pinterest video downloader is why you need this. This platform has some extra privacy concerns for the security of its users. Due to this, it considers that copyrighted data can be stolen by anyone by downloading videos or pictures from it.

It won’t be good for all users who are using this platform for specific purposes. The reason is many users want to keep some videos in the downloaded format and share them with their colleagues. In all such cases, you can’t adopt any process to directly download videos from Pinterest.

Therefore, a downloader would be a good choice as it will perform this specific task for you. It will enable you to download any video by bypassing the system and accessing the database of this platform directly.

Features of the best video downloader for Pinterest

  • Free To Use

The best feature of this tool is that it can be used freely by any person from any part of the world. Does not matter how many videos you want to download from Pinterest, Pintdow downloader will enable you to do this.

You only have to browse this downloader and insert the video link in the given box. For the next downloading, you only have to refresh the page to insert the next link. No doubt, you can remove the previous link and paste the new one.

But it won’t be a good decision to adopt this way because of interference. So, it would be better to refresh the page and insert the next video link to download it.

  • One-Tap Downloading

Unlike other Pinterest video downloaders, this tool has been designed with a specific concept. It does not ask you to follow a specific process to download videos. But you only have to follow a single-step process to accomplish the video downloading process.

With just a single tap, you will be able to download a video on your device. You only have to paste the link and tap on the Download button to start the process. Once it has fetched the video, you can also choose the video format or quality by clicking on the video quality dropdown menu.

  • Cross-Platform Tool

We all want to complete our tasks from mobile normally instead of picking a desktop device. But some Pinterest video downloaders are unavailable for mobile users. It makes the process irritating and the users will not find it easy to download videos from Pinterest.

This Pintdow tool has been designed for all internet users without consideration of the device. It means it is accessible from your handy device and computer both. The preview and options will be similar on both devices. So, you won’t have to get confused between various options or buttons when switching between these devices.

  • High-Quality Downloading

It is the main feature that makes this Pinterest downloader better than other tools. By using this tool, you will be able to download high-quality videos on your device. It will not change the video format or quality while downloading it for you.

In simple words, you will not get low-quality videos if you have chosen the HD format while downloading. So, it will remain the same for you to watch the videos online or on your device.

  • Fast Processing

Last but not least, this tool has been designed with a fast processing working method. It will not take much time to fetch videos from Pinterest and display it for downloading. You only have to insert the link and the preview of the video will be displayed on your device’s screen instantly.


To download Pinterest videos, you have to use the Pintdow video downloader. It will allow you to get videos from Pinterest in a few minutes.

Yes, you can use Pintdow Pinterest downloader on your handy device.

No, this tool has been designed with a specific algorithm and interface. It will neither change the video format during download nor after downloading.

The Pintdow tool has been designed completely free for everyone. You don’t need to sign up or register with this platform. Moreover, you don’t need to pay any subscription fee or watch ads to use this tool seamlessly.

Final Crux

Pintdow Pinterest video downloader is the best one because of its simple interface and extensive list of features. You can use this tool freely as many times as you want. It would be simple and exciting to use this tool for downloading videos from this platform.

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