Download Pinterest Videos, Gifs, Images, and Mp4 Free Online

In this time of the internet, millions of people are using different platforms for sharing content and watching different content types for enjoyment. If you are an active social media user, you must have heard about Pinterest which gains millions of users for sharing images and videos (limited regions). 

According to stats, this platform has more than 400 million active monthly users from all around the globe. It has an algorithm with extensive security that makes its users feel secure and safe. People from different regions use this platform for multiple tasks like promotion, knowledge sharing, and others. 

But Pinterest is one of those platforms that don’t offer a single button to download content. If you are having a hard time and want to download data from this platform, our Pinterest downloaders are designed for you. Let us show you what these tools are and how they can help you in accomplishing the tasks. 

What is Pinterest Content Downloader?

It is a particular tool that enables its users to download any type of content from Pinterest without facing problems. On the official platform, you will not get a downloading button if you like a particular video. It makes it hard for a user to download content from this platform.

This is where such tools will help you in downloading content with a single click. In this section, we are going to show you some of the best tools that we have for our valuables users like you to download content from Pinterest. 

Our Pinterest Downloading Tools

1. Pinterest Video Downloader

Our list of tools includes a Pinterest video downloader that enables you to download a video from this platform. Keep in mind that Pinterest allows users from a few specific regions to upload or watch video content. 

So, you need to check whether your region is on the list of those regions or not. If you have found your country in the list, you can download any video with the help of this video downloader from Pinterest using the following method. 

Go to Pinterest 

Browse For The Video

Click On The Search Bar And Copy The Link 

Browse our Pintdow (Pinterest video downloader) 

Insert the link in the given box 

Tap on the Download button 

Wait till you get the preview of the video 

Choose your desired video quality 

Click on the Download link to start the download 

This is all you have to do for using our Pinterest video downloading tool. It will be pretty simple to download videos in bulk using this tool. 

2. Pinterest Image Downloader

Another Pinterest-related tool that we have for you is Pinterest Image Download. If you have ever used this platform, you must have seen multiple images in the form of pins. Yes, Pinterest allows its users to post images related to any subject or field in Pins format. 

You can find several pins with the same or related ideas in a single board for bulk downloading. Abide by this discussion, you can download any image from Pinterest using this image downloader. 

It can be used by any person who has a handy device like a mobile or laptop along with an internet connection. If you want to know how to use this Pinterest image downloader, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Copy the image link using the above method that we have discussed for the video link 
  • Browse this image downloader 
  • Insert the link in the given box 
  • Click on the Download button 
  • Have a look at a preview of the image 
  • Download the image by clicking the link given just below the preview 

These steps can be followed even by layman who have just entered into this field. This tool allows you to download any image without showing privacy issues. 

3. Pinterest Gifs Downloader

Gifs are one of the most trending forms of video clip sharing. It is a lightweight form of a short video clip of a few seconds only. Due to its lightweight and quality display, it is supported by almost platforms including Pinterest. 

So, we have designed a Pinterest Gifs downloader for our users to enable them to download such clips from this platform. It makes it easy for everyone to download short clips even on devices with short memory.

In simple words, you can use this tool to download Gifs even if your device has limited space. You can use this tool by following the same procedure that we have shared in the above sections. For your understanding, let us show you how you can use our Pinterest Gifs downloader. 

  • Copy the Gifs link from the Pinterest 
  • Browse our tool and insert the link 
  • Click on the Download button 
  • Check the preview for confirmation 
  • Now, tap on the Download link given just below the preview 

By doing this, you can download as many Gifs as you want using this tool. It will be simple for everyone to use this tool and get their desired Gifs on their devices.

4. Pinterest to MP4 Downloader 

Are you worried about heavy videos on Pinterest? Don’t you want to get such videos because of limited videos? Don’t worry because our Pinterest to MP4 downloader can help you in this regard. 

This tool has been designed with an algorithm that will make any video downloadable as well as in MP4 format. It is considered to be a lightweight video format as compared to other high-quality video formats. 

By using this tool, you can download a video in standard format with moderate size. It will save your time in downloading and also allows you to save the memory of your device. Don’t worry as you don’t have to convert the video into MP4 manually.  The tool will do it in the backend and enable you to download a video with a click. One can use the following method to accomplish this task. 

  • Open our Pinterest to MP4 downloader
  • Paste your desired Pinterest video link 
  • Click on the Download button 
  • Check the Preview for confirmation 
  • Tap on the Download link given below 

The tool will neither enable you to choose a video format nor offer you a heavy file. You will get your desired video in MP4 format on your device by following the above procedure.

Why Our Tools Are Better?

No doubt, you can get multiple tools for downloading content from Pinterest. Then, the question is why do you need to use our tools? First of all, our tools don’t demand any login or subscription which makes them safe as well as private. 

You should not think about your account’s privacy or data safety because of this feature. It is right to say that you will download the videos or images through our tools like a ghost or an anonymous user. 

Secondly, our tools will not restrict you from downloading any video. Sometimes, you must have seen that tools don’t enable you to download videos or images with a notification that the content is private. 

None of our tools will show you such problems but you can download any video on your device. It will neither restrict you nor show you such inappropriate notifications on your screen. 

Thirdly, you can download images and videos in bulk by using our tools. It means that you can insert the link to the multiple videos or images in the tool to start downloading side by side. 

The tool automatically starts downloading other content or files once it has done with the previous ones. So, you can start downloading multiple files and move anywhere if you want to. You will get many extensive as well as unique features in our tools.