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It’s always been a hustle to download a Pinterest video without a perfect tool and a guide. But here, we are providing both on a single platform. We are providing a quick Pinterest video downloader tool that downloads the Pinterest video in the blink of an eye and the best part is, that it does not lose the pixels or quality of the downloaded video. It’s easy to use and flexible for any format.

It does not result to occupy a hefty internal space, but a compilation of fewer Mb Now, it’s clear that our Pinterest Video Downloader download will not let you regret using it. We shall also be pleased to let you know about the procedure because we assume that you already have not been much acquainted with it so. But if you are already good at it. Just skip it below and go ahead.

How to Download Pinterest Video

  • Log in To Pinterest.

First, you are required to log in to your Pinterest account using your login details to browse for the video you are willing to download.

Note: Make sure to enter the valid login details, otherwise it won’t let you in.

  • Browse For The Video.

After successfully logging in to your Pinterest account, now browse for the targeted video, you are willing to download. Scroll for it after searching the relevant words in the search bar and start scrolling to find the desired one to download

  • Copy The Link.

Once you got the video, just copy the link. Tap on the three dots, lying right above the corner of the video. Multiple options will pop out. Tap on the “Copy Link”. It will copy the link of that video to your Clipboard that could be easily pasted at any platform you would be willing to.

  • Paste It At Our Tool.

Once you copied it successfully, you are done with most of your load. You are almost near to getting it done. Now, just paste the copied link into our tool and select the quality or resolution you want it to be.

  • Wait For The Magic.

The video will be downloaded in the meanwhile right after clicking on download. Just wait a few moments and it will be directly stored in your internal storage

It was a comprehensive and quick guide for our users to know about the method of downloading the Pinterest video with our Pinterest Video Downloader tool.  It’s simple and quick. If you follow our guide, it won’t let you leave disappointed. Now, you might have been thinking about certain things about our Video downloader tool, that we would be pleased to address in our below section, of benefits.

Benefits of Pinterest Video Downloader

  • Simple And Quick:

It does not take much time or get you through from a strong complex method of going through multiple issues and then reaching the main goal still with an uncertainty of whether will I get the video or not! Our tool helps you to get the video downloaded with the simplest method which contains hustle.

  • No Need To Log In:

We don’t ask our users to get us any of their login details, just copy the link, paste it and you will get the results right away. Without giving us any of your login details.

  • Risk-Free:

We are strict with any inevitable threat of malware or virus along with the downloaded video. That’s why we always keep an eye over any download to be free from any malware or virus.

  • 100% Free Of Cost:

Our tool does not cost you even a single penny, you don’t need to pay anything. Just bring your link and get instant results. We do not ask for any payment info from our users. We are always working hard to make the easiest and most accessible to the maximum of our audience to get benefit through our tool.

  • Unlimited To Download:

We don’t have to set any “Download Limit” to our tool. It’s always unlimited. You can download the videos as much as you want. It has no certain boundaries to use

  • Protect Video Quality:

Unlike other Pinterest video downloaders, this tool has been designed with an advanced algorithm. It will keep the video quality high instead of offering low-quality videos for downloading. You will be able to download videos in your required format using the above steps.

  • Anonymous Browsing:

While browsing a downloading tool, everyone is curious about their privacy. Don’t worry when you are using our Pinterest Video Downloader because of the anonymous browsing facility. We won’t save any data while you come and use our tool. So be comfortable and keep browsing anonymously.

  • Bulk Downloading:

Don’t wait now to get the previous download complete to start the next one. This Pinterest video downloader will allow you to download videos in bulk. You can start downloading a video and insert another link to set it in the downloading list. In turn, the video will start downloading automatically once the first one is completed.

These were the few benefits of using our Free Pinterest Video Downloader tool, now below is a quick Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, which will clear more of your remaining doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

It’s been more than simple. It gets you the best quality for nothing in return. You just bring your link and get the video.

Of course not. We are pretty much serious about the pixel quality of the videos while downloading. It will be exactly as it was out there on Pinterest. Its pixels will not be loosened if it was in 720p in the original format before downloading. It will exactly be in the same format as 720p after downloading.

Our tool is accessible from any device you own. We don’t have certain device-specific restrictions. We are always open to inviting any link from any device to get you the results, then either it is from Desktop, Android, iOS, or Tab.

We claim the best speed of downloading the video over any tools already available on the market. It takes no time. It’s simple, quick, and fast.

It always depends upon the length and the pixels quality of the video, but as far as our tool is concerned, don’t worry it does not adds any additional Mb stuff to you’re existing load of memory

It was a quick guide to cater to any possible questions you may into your mind. If you still have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Our Pinterest Video Downloader tool gets you the best results without facing any problems. It’s fast and secure. To use our tool, we have given a comprehensive guide so that you could not get stuck anywhere during the procedure of downloading any video. You just have to copy the link of the targeted video and paste it here at our tool, it will download the video right after clicking on the download without losing any video quality. We also have provided the “Benefits” section to get you excited to download the Pinterest Video from our tool and Frequently Asked Questions to clear any Possible queries.

If you ever get stuck anywhere while downloading the video on Pinterest. Just read our quick guide to have instant results and one more thing we want you to be clear about is that we don’t owe you any copyright for using certain downloaded videos to use at any platform. Our platform is only responsible for converting a link into a video. If lies are under common rights you are good to go at using at your own risk. We are open to help with any stuff relevant to download. We are pleased to have you here. Keep visiting us for any possible updates in near future. Until then, keep enjoying our free and unlimited Pinterest Video Downloader tool.